to exit poverty for good

KKI exists to empower Indonesia's poor and vulnerables through 3-step approach

Impact Numbers

Total KKI Branches
Total Active Members
Billion Total Loan Outstanding


Our members are women who own micro business and earn USD1-5/ day. We are based in Cilincing, one of the poorest districts in Jakarta.
Progress Out of Poverty (2015)
  • Voluntary Savings

    79% saved voluntarily

  • Improvements in House Conditions

    25% saw improvements in housing conditions after 2 years


    25% acquired at least one new asset such as motorcycle, fridge, washing machine, or TV after 2 years

  • House ownership

    5% were able to own a house after 2 years

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News, events & careers

Leadership Team

KKI Leadership Team consists of dedicated, young professionals who left private sector to serve the poor.
Leonardo Kamilius
Leonardo Kamilius
Founder, CEO
Pior to setting up KKI, Leon worked at McKinsey & Co as Business Analyst. After briefly volunteered during Padang earthquake, Leon quit McKinsey & Co as the calling inside him to serve others grew. Read more
Lucyana Siregar
Lucyana Siregar
Co-Founder, Chief of Operations
Lucy is KKI’s co-founder since 2011, when she had just graduated from Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia. Prior to KKI, she had only worked for 6 months at Sinarmas Land, a major property group in the country. Read more

KKI was founded by Leonardo Kamilius in 2011, with Lucyana Siregar as co-founder. At 25, they had a strong calling to make significant positive impacts to help others in need. Leon and Lucy started by learning and adopting Grameen model, pioneered by Mohammad Yunus who won a Nobel Prize for developing microcredit. Read more.


People who have supported us in many ways, many years