Rapat Anggota Tahun 2017

KKI held Annual General Meeting (or, Rapat Anggota Tahunan) 2017 on March 24, 2018 at KKI office in Kebantenan, Cilincing.The meeting was attended by KKI long-time members, staffs, and North Jakarta Cooperatives Department representatives, and 2 of KKI supporters. We shared KKI plans for 2018 to our members and also asked for inputs and approvals to improve KKI services.

It was a sunny day on Saturday and in total we have 47 KKI members and staffs attending the meeting. Leonardo Kamilius, as the CEO and Meeting Chairman, delivered the opening speech, followed by ice-breaking games lead by Social Impact Officers team. It was a warm and nice atmosphere since both the members and staffs got to know each other in a fun and refreshing way. Then, KKI Board of Commissioners, represented by Sandra Restu Surya, delivered the Board’s accountability report. Each of KKI divisions also delivered their 2017 reports and 2018 work plans. While delivering the report, we were visited by North Jakarta Cooperative Department representatives, Mr. Wahyu and Mr. Anggoro. We are pleased to have them giving some words of encouragement and motivation for us and our members. 

After reports from KKI boards and divisions ended, Ibu Bakda Riya, one of KKI members, was invited to share her dreams. She shared how she met KKI, her struggles, and how she learnt to elevate her life condition with KKI support. Bu Riya’s humility and spirit motivated other members and inspired us in KKI to work heartily as the better our works will also mean the better opportunities for KKI members.

What is new in this year meeting is we appointed a new treasurer to succeed our former treasurer, Isabella Harefa. Indah Melati, one of KKI longest serving branch manager, was proposed by the current management and approved unanimously by all members attending.

For the closing session, we ask for inputs and sharing from KKI members. This is a long awaited session from our members since they can share actively their perspectives of KKI and give inputs about what the members truly needed in real situations and their hopes for KKI in the future.

We ended the RAT 2017 with group prayer so that our members could reach their dreams and KKI was given more humility and strength to grow and can help others in need more. Hope to see you next year!

By: Randy Halim