Q1 2019 Updates + 1st Fund Raising of 2019! :)

Dear KKI supporters!
A. Please kindly see below and find as attached KKI’s Q1 2019 update,

with following 3 key stories:

B. We are also launching our 1st Fund Raising of 2019, on which we aim to raise the following:
(a) 1-year interest bearing loan
> Purpose: To replace 1 billion maturing loan in July, support cash flow during Eid Al-Fitr period (we have half of normal incoming cash due to 2-week holiday) & finance growth

(b) 2-months interest bearing, temporary loan
> Purpose: To finance “Pinjaman Bulan Puasa” for ~1,300 members and partially to support cash flow during Eid Al-Fitr period period.

For both loans, we will provide interest as following:
We would really appreciate your supports! 🙂
If you want to support us, kindly let us know by replying to this email.

C. Last but not least, we at KKI is praying for a peaceful and smooth election tomorrow.
May GOD appoints the best people for our country – leaders who care and are willing to sacrifice for people of Indonesia – especially the poor!

Take care and look forward to greet you again soon!
Leonardo Kamilius
Koperasi KASIH Indonesia