Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and 2017 Annual Report from KKI :)

Dear KKI supporters, hope this post finds you well as we are moving to 2019 🙂
Warm greetings from Seruni Hotel at Puncak. 8 years ago, I spent new year at this place and was convinced to start what would become KKI.

Firstly, Merry belated Christmas to each of you who celebrate it.
Secondly,Happy New Year to all of us.
Thirdly, please kindly accept our 2017 Annual Report (yes, 2017, and apologize for ~3-4 typos inside). We will send 2018 report a lot earlier.

Last but not least, we want to thank you for your trust, prayers and all forms of supports given to us in 2018.
2018 has been a year with very dramatic, painful changes, but very much needed. A glimpse of 2018: (“~” means around). 

  • Member grew from 7,772 to ~9,300 and average loan size from IDR 1.78 to ~2.14 million (both are highest in the past 3 years)
  • Restructuring was ~80% done in Finance Division and we finally have voucher as control system, monthly financial statements and a lot better efficiency
  • IDR ~847 million loss in 2017 resulted in negative Retained Earnings have been recovered in 2018, with end of 2018 R/E being positive

We would not be able to go through this year with your prayers and supports. Thus, thank you, very much.
We prayed that 2019 would be a year where all of us become an even better blessing to people around us, especially those who really need it.
GOD bless all of us, always. 

Representing KKI team and members,

Leonardo Kamilius
Founder and Chairman
Koperasi KASIH Indonesia