KKI is calling for a rally of support for 9,600 members to “BOUNCE BACK FASTER”

Dear KKI supporters, hope this email finds you well in this lunch time 🙂

We pray so that you and family, also colleagues, are healthy and well.

As shared in the previous email, we are calling for a rally of support in the form of funding.

In essence, the funding is needed to support 9,600 members to “bounce back faster”.

We are looking to raise IDR 10 billion, needed between July 15-30.

Minimum amount for the loan is IDR 50 million and that amount would already be a great help for our members, as it could support 20 families.

Please kindly find more details in attachment below.

This extraordinary time has caused extraordinary difficulties in the lives of the poor, and it needs an extraordinary answer from each of us, together.

We hope you will answer this call and join us in this effort.

GOD bless all of us, always and forever.

Best wishes,

Leonardo Kamilius

Representing Koperasi KASIH Indonesia