Rapat Anggota Tahunan 2016

Rapat Anggota Tahunan 2016 (or, Annual General Meeting 2016) was held on March 18, 2017 at KKI office in Kebantenan, Cilincing. As it is equivalent to shareholders meeting in general business, Rapat Anggota Tahunan (RAT) is crucial for the institution to evaluate progress and make decisions for the following years. KKI Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors presented 2016 results and 2017 plans.

Even though the event was held on a raining Saturday, in total there were 53 KKI members and staffs attending. Leonardo Kamilius, as the CEO and Meeting Chairman, delivered the opening speech, followed by self-introduction by the attendees. As KKI had around 7,000 members, many of our staffs and members do not know each other, so it was good to open up the event with warm welcome to everyone.

Then, KKI Board of Commissioner, represented by John Lumban Tobing, delivered the Board’s accountability report. Each of KKI Leadership Team also delivered their 2016 progress reports and 2017 work plans. KKI Board of Commissioners and Leadership team added the challenges faced in 2016 and how KKI could learn and grow from these challenges. For 2017, KKI aimed to strengthen its internal foundation to support scaling up in the next few years. KKI members accepted the accountability reports and work plans. Not only that, most of the attendees were very active in giving inputs to improve KKI.

For the closing session, Ibu Rotua, one of KKI members, was invited on stage to share her life achievements. She shared her years of struggles before finally able to achieve her dreams. Her story inspired and motivated other members to never give and keep working hard!

Towards the end, there was a surprise singing performance by KKI staffs. The staffs introduced KKI Mars that was composed unintentionally by a former employee. The event was festive as we invited all attendees to sing together. Joy and laughter filled the room.

We ended the RAT 2016 with group prayer so that our members could reach their dreams and KKI grew with more capacity to help others in need. Hope to see you next year!

By: Randy Halim

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