While capital is the key requirements, there are other things that Koperasi Kasih Indonesia either does not have the resource or time yet to acquire. Based on your interest and skills, you could contribute to Koperasi Kasih Indonesia through non-financial support



  • Koperasi Kasih Indonesia video profile (5 – 10 minutes): For those skilled in film-making
  • Koperasi Kasih Indonesia pictures book: For those who love photography and picture editing
  • Financial audit (one time or annually): For public accounting firm
  • Management Information System (MIS) development: For those skilled in application and system development
  • In-kind donations – still usable second hand items are appreciated:
    • Office equipment, especially table, chair and closet
    • Motorcycle (3 items needed)
    • Bicycle (6 items needed)
    • Laptop for basic usage (2 items needed)
    • Android phone – for real-time data inputting (10 items needed)
    • Office in Cilincing area (1 item needed)



  • Website: Chandra Iman, owner, CV Kreasi (www.kreasi.biz)
  • Legal counselor: John Lumbang Tobing, Managing Director, Indonesian Law Institute and Associate Lawyer (2012-present); Ignatius Andy Law Offices (2010 – present)
  • Office equipments:
    • Diana Sastrajaya, Marketing, Clarins Indonesia
    • Juliam Tjong, doctor, Project Indonesia (foundation)
    • Agus Sandianto, Research Analyst, Credit Suisse Securities