Koperasi Kasih Indonesia fully realize that there are many aspects to poverty and collaborating with relevant organizations would fasten and deepen the impact we make. Therefore, based on observed strategic needs in Cilincing, Koperasi Kasih Indonesia welcomes government, NGOs and companies to collaborate with us in various areas



  • Education is the most important long-term key to achieve a better life. Many of Koperasi Kasih Indonesia’s members have a drop-out child because of financial issue, especially at high school level, where government support (BOS) is not available. Therefore, Koperasi Kasih Indonesia is welcoming:
    • Educational scholarships
    • Dedicated fund for education (interest-free)
    • Institution wanting to set up a school in Cilincing
  • Health is the next most important thing to live a better life. While local people has been adapting to unhygienic condition and government clinics (Puskesmas) are available, many still looking for commercial doctor when getting sick. Preventive measures are also inexistent or very limited. Therefore, Koperasi Kasih Indonesia is welcoming:
    • One time health-support, e.g., baksos
    • Routine health-support, e.g., weekly doctor visit
    • Preventive measures, e.g., health-related education
  • Spending on basic needs is one variable that significantly affect Koperasi Kasih Indonesia’s members financial condition, with rice and cooking oil being the major two. Koperasi Kasih Indonesia was planning to launch a basic needs business to support its members; However it did not materialize due to limited resources. Therefore, Koperasi Kasih Indonesia is welcoming:
    • One time cheap market (we do not agree with giving for free)
    • Routine cheap market



  • Garuda Youth Community
    • Description: GYC is an independent, non-profit and entirely run by youths organization aiming to be platform of youth empowerment through environmental projects: campaign, propaganda, research and eco-preneurship community development
    • Collaboration: KKI facilitated GYC in entering Cilincing to establish an empowerment project utilizing local mussels wastes
  • Koperasi Sejahtera
    • Description: Koperasi Sejahtera was established by alumni from Christian Student Organization at Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia. It aims to contribute to poverty alleviation effort in Indonesia, and was inspired by the work of Prof. Muhammad Yunus through Grameen Bank in Bangladesh
    • Collaboration: Koperasi Kasih Indonesia shared its systems to founders of Koperasi Sejahtera
  • Center of Entrepreneurship BEM UI 2011
    • Description: CoE is one of BEM UI’s Social Development Division programs for 2011. It aims to support the needed capital of micro entrepreneurs in Depok so they could advance their business and life. This program also serves as the foundation for the formation of Koperasi Sosial BEM UI.
    • Collaboration: Koperasi Kasih Indonesia shared its systems to the committee of microfinance program and deliver one training session to borrowers