• 6 children; the oldest quit school due to funding issue
  • Sole income source is Pak Sujud, her husband, a becak rider (traditional vehicle, moved like bicycle). He earns 5 – 6 USD/day and rents the becak* for 0.4 USD/day
  • Ibu Manih wanted to set a business but loan sharks did not want to lend them as they were deemed too poor



  • On Feb 2011, Ibu Manih received 67 USD loan. It was used to buy becak for Pak Sujud. He saves 0.4 USD/day and own an asset
  • On Jun 2011, Ibu Manih received 55 USD loan. She started selling food in front of her house and has been earning 5 – 6 USD/day
  • Ibu Manih’s testimony: “I always pray that one day we could improve our life. When Koperasi Kasih Indonesia came and lend us capital, I think to myself that this must be GOD’s answer to my prayer. We are really grateful”